Poole Mahoney PC, a law firm that has been serving the region for more than twenty-five years, announced today that in order to better serve client needs in the evolving legal marketplace, it is spinning-off its family law practice and changing its name to Poole Brooke Plumlee PC.

“This exciting decision is part of a long term, client-driven strategic plan that reflects a natural market segmentation,” says Albert H. Poole, the firm’s Managing Shareholder.  “Commercial practice firms like ours which represent businesses and organizations are benefitting from an increased focus on corporate, litigation and estate planning matters while moving away from a general family law department.  In addition, across the country, family law practitioners are seeing benefits to clients from organizing into boutique firms that are focused solely on domestic relations matters such as divorce and custody.”

Beginning in January, Poole Mahoney PC will begin operating under the name Poole Brooke Plumlee PC.  The new family law boutique will operate under the name Mahoney Nashatka Richmond PLLC and will have 5 lawyers.  “We have been friends and colleagues for many years and look forward to continuing to be neighbors and referring work to each other in the future,” said Poole.

“The boutique format will enable us all to provide more focused service to our clients,” says Reeves Mahoney, previously the leader of the family law practice at Poole Mahoney PC.  “And, when Bert says we are going to be neighbors, he means that quite literally.  We will be working right next door to each other at our Virginia Beach location.”  Among those joining Mahoney in the new firm will be name partners Shantell Nashatka and Andrew Richmond.