CBDA Committees


Much of CBDA's success is due to the hardworking members who volunteer their time and service on a CBDA committee. This structure allows CBDA take the lead on a number of issues impacting growth within the Pembroke SGA; effectively communicate ideas, concerns and strategies for development with city officials; plan and execute events to enhance member networking opportunities; and provide advice, guidance and planning for the organization's internal operations.

Download the 2021 Committee List


Membership Committee

This committee establishes value proposition for members, sets the dues structure, and determines marketing and website enhancements for potential members. Its mission is to strengthen and encourage membership growth and involvement in the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area and the Central Business District.

Events Committee

This committee is involved in actively assessing the membership to determine events of interest and setting the calendar for each year. This committee works with the Finance Committee to establish financial criteria necessary to carry out the mission of the CBDA. Emphasis is placed on events that provide networking opportunities for members to sell their brand and market their products, hosting informative meetings with special guest speakers, attracting prominent business, political and community leaders that also provide exceptional networking opportunities for members, and community fundraising.

Golf Committee

A subcommittee of the Events Committee, the Golf Tournament Committee plans and executes the CBDA Annual Golf Tournament. In 2011, the committee completely revamped the Golf Tournament, holding it at a new venue and organizing sponsored activities at each hole, creating an interactive and enjoyable experience for the golfers that enhanced networking opportunities. Tournament is a sell out each year.

Finance Committee

(Members selected by the President and Executive Board) Responsible for oversight and establishment of the budget, developing revenue criteria, and evaluating operating expenditures to maintain the organization's fiscal solvency

Design Review Committee

This committee has oversight of the planning, design and implementation of the design review process of projects within the Pembroke SGA such as pedestrian improvement, transit alternatives, environmentally sensitive development, as well as artistic and cultural programs within the area.

SGA Advisory Committee

This committee is an advocate for the growing business community in the area, working with city leaders and legislators to assess the needs and establish priorities with the area. Work consists of transportation routes and systems, open space, right of way, development criteria, special project projects and more. Committee has over 40 projects and 10-12 active and ongoing.   Committee encourages those with development and strategic  planning skills as members.

Nominating Committee

(Members selected by the President and Executive Board) The Nominating Committee evaluates CBDA membership to select representatives from active and engaged businesses to serve on the CBDA Board of Directors. 

Stakeholders Committee

(Members selected by the President and Executive Board ) This committee is comprised of developers and landholders within the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area.  The Committee meets monthly/quarterly as agreed with City officials, both elected and appointed to discuss issues of interest.  

Strategic Planning/Design Committee

At this time, the Committee is and meets at the call of the Chair (CBDA President) to discuss long range planning, goals, vision, direction, strategy and provides guidance to the Board of Directors on how to formulate, coordinate and implement the process.  Discussion of allowing this committee to transfer to permanent status is ongoing.

Small Business Committee

This Committee is the early forming stages and will begin meeting, organizing and establishing  goals and timelines in 2022.