Membership Dues

Membership in CBDA is offered to businesses and organizations, with benefits extending to all full time employees within a company. We do not offer membership to individuals.

Dues are assessed annually on the calendar year. Members are invoiced each November/December with payment due in January of the following year. Dues may be pro-rated by the quarter for members joining mid-year.

Please only use this payment page if you are a current member or if you are a new member and have received an invoice. If you are not currently a CBDA member, please complete a membership application. Upon review and approval, you will receive an invoice for your dues payment.



Level 1 - $300

Companies with 1-5 employees 

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Level 2 - $600

Companies with 6-10 employees 

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Level 3 - $800

Companies with 11-20 employees 

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Level 4 - $1,000

Companies with 21-40 employees 

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Level 5 - $1,200

Companies with over 40 employees 

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