Fact Sheet

CBDA Fact Sheet



The CBDA was founded 30 years ago by a coalition of local business leaders to support the growth and development of Town Center and Pembroke.


The CBDA’s mission is to serve as an advocate for its membership and to support the growth and development of the business community within the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area (SGA). CBDA seeks to promote the area as a primary center for business, offering unique professional, retail, residential, cultural and recreational opportunities. It is recognized that advancements in policies and amenities within this urban core ultimately benefit the entire city and the region as a whole.


The CBDA provides a forum to assess the needs of and establish priorities within the SGA, while identifying and defining issues of importance to its membership. CBDA has developed meaningful relationships with government, community, and business leaders to help shape legislative initiatives that enhance business opportunities and influence government action that will directly benefit the Pembroke SGA and its stakeholders.


Priorities include economic development, transit alternatives, zoning and code improvements, environmental protection, infrastructure planning, and cultural enhancements.


The CBDA hosts a variety of events throughout the year providing exceptional networking opportunities, with several that feature speakers on issues of importance to members. Our events further the organization’s mission by bringing individuals and businesses together with similar goals in support of the Pembroke SGA. They also raise awareness of community events and projects.

Design Review

The CBDA and city staff jointly review, critique and approve design concepts for development within the Pembroke SGA. CBDA works with the Town Center Advisory Board to ensure that all aspects of Town Center are consistent with the strategic character statement developed by the CBDA and all applicable city planning and design policies.

Committee Structure

Member driven committees are the backbone of the organization. Involvement by enthusiastic volunteers who are well recognized as experts in their professions, lead to successful efforts that ensure CBDA’s influence citywide.


An active retail component within the membership enhances opportunities for advertising, cross marketing, branding, networking, and increasing sales.

In the Community

The CBDA works with organizations such as Light Rail NOW, Virginia Beach VISION, Downtown Norfolk Council, Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce, Hampton Roads Partnership, Move Hampton Roads, and others in developing criteria that benefit the entire region.


CBDA's neXt generation of business leaders. This group of young professionals are all under the age of 40 and work for CBDA companies. They are charged with furthering the mission of the CBDA by encouraging the next generation of business leaders to get involved in the local business community.


Available to businesses throughout Hampton Roads that have a vested interest in the growth and development of the Pembroke Strategic Growth Area (SGA). Membership is not available to individuals.

Dues Structure

Membership dues are based on the number of full time employees within a company. Dues are invoiced annually on the calendar year.

Level 1 - $300, 1-5 employees

Level 2 - $600, 6-10 employees

Level 3 - $800, 11-20 employees

Level 4 - $1,000, 20-40 employees

Level 5 - $1,200, 40 + employees