Get ready to travel back in time for this Larger than Life Prehistoric Outdoor Art Exhibit. Come experience Jurassic Journey at Town Center in Virginia Beach, July 3 – July 19. If you dare, travel through 20 Outdoor Dino Environments featuring 50 Jurassic Sized dinosaurs on this self-guided digital scavenger hunt throughout the corridors and corners of Town Center. Be sure to visit, Scotty the Talking T-Rex Guide at the Dino Info in the fountain plaza.

To access the digital scavenger hunt, download Turf Hunt, the free digital app for iPhone or Android. A new Dino Discovery Adventure is released every 4 days so you can come back for a new experience several times to learn more about these prehistoric predators. The scavenger hunt features various challenge types such as photo challenges (photo, sticker or drawing), multiple-choice & single answer questions, and mini-games like memory cards. Each challenge can be played in any order and will lead you to discover all of the 20 environments scattered around Town Center. After successfully solving challenges you will be rewarded with points on the Turf Hunt scoreboard and digital Town Center goodies.

Due to Covid-19, Social Distancing and CDC guidelines will be followed. We would ask that you remain outside of the display barriers and please do not touch the dinosaurs for the safety of yourself and others. Come at any time you like July 3 – July 19 to Jurassic Journey a Prehistoric Outdoor Art Exhibit and discover all there is to offer at Town Center.