In a town of center, in a galaxy really, really, close you will discover an eclectic odd spaceport filled with all kinds of past and present travelers from all over the known and unknown universe. This Galactic Gathering of hero’s, villains, aliens, droids and all types of spacecraft is in temporary orbit around Town Center of Virginia Beach from October 24th through the 31st. We invite you to bring your cameras, dress in your favorite costume and explore this cyber intergalactic convergence featuring over 18 unique displays.

 Take selfies with your favorite characters from all over fandom. Visit the reptilian blob gangster­­ and slave princess or the renowned smuggler trapped in carbon. Hyper jump your experience as you answer trivia questions on the free mobile app to get galactic goodies. Witness the magnificence of the Centennial Hawk as it prepares for flight. Observe the awesome power of the 501st Legion as they scour the spaceport in search of rebellious creatures. This odd collection of characters will make you want to “phone home” and tell all your fellow star voyagers to beam down to witness the force of this Galactic Gathering Selfie Space Oddity.


Event is free and open to the public.

Always free parking at Town Center